About Us

Spice So Craft understands people’s pride in tradition and thus, promotes and supports independent micro, small, medium enterprises and locally with the help of technology

made products providing customers with an opportunity to remain connected to their heritage and live healthy day after day. We respect the creativity, originality, the courage to experiment, and the diligence of the producers to come up with awe-inspiring products. Organic, Ayurveda, Homemade, Kitchenware, Spices, Arts and Crafts, Tea, Coffee Etc., are on the list of unadulterated nature fresh offers.

We endorse farmers and producers in the local geographic vicinity of Kerala.

Buying through Spice So Craft, YOU

  • Boost the local economy
  • Create jobs and opportunities for our local community
  • Increase investments in the local economy
  • Protect our environment

Support local producers with every purchase you make; you just have to make the choice to do it.

Buy local. Support local.

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